Friday, September 27, 2013

My Adventurous Story

Hi there!! After my absence for a while I am back in business. I am going to tell you my adventurous story. Everything started with my crazy idea of moving out of Miami, FL.

In Miami, the landscape is beautiful, the beach, the sun, the palm trees, the subtropical atmosphere,  there is a huge mix of people coming from different countries and with different cultures. It is a very rich cultural mixture, and the weather for most of them is gorgeous, around 80 F in winter time and 90 in summer, which lasts for 6 months more or less. I have been living here for almost 12 years because my husband has been transferred by the company he is working for. This is the perfect place for a lot of people but unfortunately not for me, especially because the weather drives me crazy with so much heat throughout the year. I am an outdoors person and I can't stand that kind of heat all the time although I live with air conditioning in the house all year long. A lot of people who come from another country or even from another state can suffer from heat stress, if they don't know how to get prepared. Especially because of the weather,  I decided I wanted to move out.

Around two months ago I had the opportunity to work in Bangor, Maine, at a friend's store, so I considered that my perfect chance to move out to New England, where I really liked to go. One of my daughters decided to come with me and work together so we went driving from Miami to Bangor, almost three days on the road. Of course we stopped to rest and eat.While I was working in Bangor I tried to find a house in Portland, Maine (2 hours south away from Bangor). After work some days, I would drive all the way to Portland to see some houses or apartments. My original idea was that once I found the house, my youngest daughter, who had stayed in Miami with my husband, would join me and she could start high school up north. We were planning to live in Portland for around a year and if everything went fine, the rest of the family would move up there as well. We spent 40 days in Bangor and driving to Portland to find a house. Maybe you are wondering by now why we didn't try and find a house or apartment in Bangor. Bangor is beautiful but small town, and Portland is a beautiful city with more activities. There was no luck and we couldn't find a house nor even an apartment to rent. It is unbelievable, right? It is weird, believe me I tried everything I could but it didn't work. So we decided to drive back to Miami and I accepted everything as a great experience. That wasn't the right time for us, and as I always say when the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree at the moment it is supposed to, right? When it is the right time everything falls into place, and everything goes smoothly. So here I am back in business in Miami, waiting for my right time to move out.

I consider that I had to tell you my story because I was so excited about everything I went through that I told you in other posts that I was going to show you photos of my new place. Anyways I am happy where I am right now in life and the experience was awesome. I learned a lot and met wonderful people, and after all that is what matters.

This is Paula, my daughter who came with me. 

I love New York City 
New York City from New Jersey

There were many more states we passed, I would have liked to take pictures of all of them but for one reason or the other I didn't and by the time we went through New England it was day time and we were getting closer to Maine. 
Bangor, Maine (downtown)
Stephen King's house in Bangor

Pushaw Lake, Bangor 

Have a wonderful weekend! God bless you all!

Tip of the day: 
If you like to read I recommend the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Excellent book and once you finished it, leave it in a place where you can find it easily because that is a book that you will want to read more than once. It is very profound. 


  1. Awww, that sounds like a great adventure! Good luck on your future searches to escape the heat. I think I would be with you... although NY has a little too little sun for me and I suffer from Vit D deficit in the fall and winter. I need to "move in the middle". :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventure for us! I grew up in MA and as a child spent a lot of time in Maine, it is a beautiful state! I hope that someday the timing is right and you can follow your heart to New England.

    I'm not a heat person either, and could never live in FL. I attended Navy boot camp in Orlando for a few months and thats all of FL I needed :) We also spent 3 yrs living in the CA Mojave would be 125 degrees in the shade! Wayyyyyy too hot for this girl, give me snow and negative 20 degree temps any day :)